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Started: 17.10.14


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23-10-2014 20:25
I had two painters show up unannounced and just walk into my yard without invite. I opened the back door and said, "Go See!" to the Rottweiller. Grin

23-10-2014 07:41
Builders arrived this morning to repair roof. No phone call or letter in advance to let me know. Late for work and then had to drive home during lunch break to check on progress. Unbelievable!

21-10-2014 10:53
More Photo Galleries coming this week..

21-10-2014 06:40
You should have heard the one person in line give it to the poor girl. Wow he was mad!.

18-10-2014 11:17
That sucks! I hate when they don't follow your instructions!

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Mac takes silver at national body building titles

NewsFOR years Mac Hosking has steadily worked towards winning a medal at the national titles for body building, and finally he has broken through to claim a silver medal.

After a fourth placed finish in his first attempt last season, Hosking broke through at the weekend and is absolutely ecstatic with the result."I am pretty chuffed, I am stoked," he said.
"I was down to the leanest I have ever been, I was the lightest on stage."

Competing in the over-60s event, Hosking (pictured) set his sights earlier in the year on medalling at this event.
After a first place in the Queensland International Natural Bodybuilding Association titles last month, he went in with a lot of confidence.
"The guy who beat me is the Mr Olympics national champion," Hosking said.
While skipping next year's titles, Hosking is looking at competing in the same event as his son in Sydney next year.

For now the bodybuilder's attention is moving quickly to another challenge - the Central Australian Masters Games and a date with his motorbike.
Racing in the Enduro segment of the competition in Alice Springs, Hosking's test will be vastly different to the world of bodybuilding, but it is something he has always had an eye on.
"It has always been on the bucket list," he said. "They are only every second year so I thought I would do it this year."

Riding for four hours straight in the heat of the desert, Hosking will need to be at his best just to finish the task at hand.
He is confident though the fitness he gained through the quest for bodybuilding success will hold him in good stead.

"I am physically fit just not bike fit," he said.
"It is a four hour enduro so I do as many laps as I can in that time, six to seven will be good."

As for chasing another national honour, Hosking is not in any rush to head the field and does not know what awaits him in Alice Springs.
"I am going for the experience, I just want to do my best," he said.

Getting older and losing muscle

NewsGetting older and losing muscle

By MICHAEL N THOMAS on September 20, 2012 6:10 PM

As an avid weight-lifter, I am always looking to improve my workouts and build more muscle. Recently, I was flipping through a Men's Fitness magazine and saw an ad that promoted a product that was meant to build muscle. This seems common for a fitness magazine, but this ad targeted older men in particular. It was a product that was supposed to slow down muscle loss. This got me thinking. What age do we begin to lose muscle and why?

Muscle loss is known as sarcopenia. This is a very common and natural process that occurs to the human body. It has been found that about thirty-five to forty percent of muscle loss occurs between the ages of 20 and 80. When I saw this I was shocked that sarcopenia could possibly start at such a young age of 20. However, many scientists would agree that the overall average age for when one would lose the most muscle is after the age of 50. Even so, that is still fairly young. There are many extremely active 50 year olds out there.

So how do we go about preventing muscle loss? Actually, it's not really about prevention. It's more along the line of delaying. Those people who live a more active lifestyle tend to lose muscle at a much slower rate than that of a person leading a non-active lifestyle. Staying active is an important way to delay muscle loss. muscle loss blog.jpg

As we age, we lose muscle over time because our body's ability to produce newer muscle proteins decreases. We can't put an exact time or age on when each person will lose begin losing muscle, but we do know that both men and women lose the same percentage as they begin to get older. This is why it's important to stay active. There are also many other ways to delay muscle loss.

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New Testosterone Booster Hits the Shelves

New Testosterone Booster Hits the Shelves



Obsessed bodybuilder killed by cocktail of steroids ignored warnings despite two heart attacks and three strokes aged 20

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